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Maximum Visibility - Maximum Protection

Xpanda Security Grilles grills UK Security Shutters Stoke On Trent Staffordshire

Designed for applications where aesthetics are a key consideration.  There is a choice of locking systems and unlike conventional retractable gates, XPanda Security Grilles don't use top or bottom tracks making it very easy to operate. 

Square and lattice sections are connected by high tensile rivets and allow the Xpanda Security Grilles to fold to just 15% of its locked size.  All components are phosphate treated and finished in a resilient white gloss coating.  Xpanda Security Grilles provides an attractive visual deterrent against traditional break-in methods.  The wide range of standard stock sizes can be quickly and easily fitted in almost any setting, including commercial, domestic and industrial applications. 

UK Security Shutters Stoke On Trent Staffordshire Xpanda Security Grilles grills windows security

Xpanda Security Grilles are also ideal for shop fronts, with no tracks or other fittings to obstruct the display of goods.  Saftidors can be installed using adjustable posts at regular intervals to provide the necessary support without having to use top supports or tracks.   

XPanda Security Grilles are available suit almost any size or shape of opening.  The gates' sashes fold back quickly and easily to provide maximum visibility when not in use.  In domestic situations they can be completely concealed behind curtains when open.  Fitting on the inside deters would-be thieves, who must break glass before they can tackle this security




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