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Protect what is important to you!

A secure area within your home that can be locked down for the night when you go to bed.

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Most of us don't need anything to elaborate, but we should all have an area in our homes that has extra defences against criminal home invasion.  We want to avoid waking up in the middle of the night to a threatening stranger in your room or hearing noises and realising there is nothing between you and the thieves removing your possessions.

robber stealing car car key crime

With violent crime on the increase 647,000 incidents of violence with injury were recorded in England and Wales in 2016. A total of 15,741 cars were stolen last year by burglars who had managed to obtain keys
after breaking into victims homes  while a further 2858 where taken by force.  These actions brought fear and misery to scores of victims who lost their possessions but also had their homes and privacy violated.  Installing a safe zone within your home can eradicate these frightening statistics.

Safe Zone Protect House


Choose an appropriate area for your safe zone.  This is usually a first floor or bedroom section because if it is properly secured you'll be able to sleep at night without worrying about anyone breaking through the safe zone.

Install a reliable security barrier in a passage way or a stair well, emergency exit and panic buttons can be installed at the side of the bed to enable opening and closing of the door.

Install security shutters or grilles on windows in the safe zone.

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