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Increased Security - Improved Protection

Qompact roller shutters provide a complete system that increases security, prevents break-ins and protects against the elements.  The very small roller shutter box measuring just 165mm enables elegant solutions. 

Qompact roller shutters are mainly used outdoors but are increasingly applied in doors.

Unobtrusive - The roller shutter is considerably smaller than many boxes available on the market and is made fully of extruded aluminium.

Optimum Security - Qompact roller shutters are the ideal burglary system for front and ground floor doors and windows.

Variable - Depending on customer requirements, Qompact roller shutters can be supplied with punched or un-punched roller shutter panels.

Robust - The single skinned aluminium profile is extremely robust as it is extruded.  This increases burglary protection and protects against extreme weather conditions.

Product Life - All roller shutter components are designed for a long service life with minimum maintenance.

Colours - Qompact roller shutters can be individually powder coated to match any colour.  Available in standard colours of Traffic White, Anthracite Grey & White Aluminium.

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